Practice with Kim

Take the chance to work on the details of your practice with Kim’s instructional yoga videos! By going into the details of each pose and providing adjustments and modifications to keep in mind when you attend class, Kim makes it easy to safely find your edge.

Mountain Pose

One of the foundational poses of the practice, Kim delves into the details of the pose with thoughts to keep in mind as you maintain a sturdy mountain.

Warrior I

Kim goes into the details of Warrior I, a pose based on the idea of being determined and going after what you want in life.

Warrior II

Offering a deep explanation of Warrior II, Kim provides a modification, using the wall as support.


Using blocks and the wall for support, Kim makes Triangle an achievable pose for every body type.

Side Angle

This is a great pose for strengthening the legs, while also engaging the abdominals, building stamina in your practice.

Warrior III

It is just as important to find balance in standing poses such as Warrior III as it is to find balance for a happy and fulfilling life.

The Sequence

Videos are continually being added! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the latest video from Kim!