SmartPhone App

We have an app that makes it easier than ever to fit yoga into your schedule!

    With our app, you can:

  • *Sign up for classes
  • *See our schedule
  • *Find out when the studios are open
  • *Get location details
  • *Cancel classes when plans change
  • *Find out how to contact each studio
  • *Get special promotions

Download our app from the iPhone or Android app store or scan these QR codes with your smartphone to find the app instantly!

How to Use the App:

Step by step, screen by screen–we’ll show you how!

When you first start the app, you will be prompted to choose a studio. Pick the one you frequent most often as your saved location. No worries–you will be able to switch to other studios later!

You will be prompted to log-in to our system so you can register for class in advance. Don’t have a log-in? Never fear! Click here to sign up! If you’re not interested in signing in to your account, just click “Skip”. Until you log-in, though, the app will continue to give you the option to sign-in whenever you switch studios.

Now you can see all the classes for the day at your Saved Studio! Click the “Sign-Up” button for the class you’re interested in, which will give you a description of the class. To Pre-register, click sign-up and “Make a Single Reservation” and you’re all set! Click the “Change Studio” or “Date” button at the top-left side of the app to switch studios or days at any time (Android Users: Use your Function Key to access the “Change Studio” and “Change Date” options.)

Click the “Contact” button on the bottom of the screen to see a map of the studio and to get more information about our hours and contact information.

**Don’t forget to check our “Promos” page often for great deals!

Got Questions? Contact Us!