Beginner Series

At Charm City Yoga, we make a special effort to welcome new students to Yoga. Many students start with our 5-Class beginner series which we describe below. These classes provide a slower paced program with more description and commentary accompanying each asana or posture. Breath awareness and relaxation also are introduced.

I think your approach to the beginners class is a real service to people who want to begin a yoga practice. Congrats to your yoga studio. -Michele H

We have five-class Beginner Series designed as a simple introduction to yoga. In this series, designed by Charm City Yoga founder Kim Manfredi, you will learn the basics of yoga. More experienced students will gain a better, and more detailed understanding of the architecture of the poses, as well as the underlying philosophy of the yoga practice. The five classes occur once a week for five consecutive weeks.

I recently finished the beginner 5-Class Yoga Series at Towson and loved it! -Bret L.

On the sidebar you will find the date of the next beginner series at a studio near you. Sign up online to make sure of your place, or sign up the studio on your next visit.

Our Beginner Series moves at a gentle pace, introducing all the basic postures or asanas as well as the different aspects of the practice each week:

• In Week 1, you will learn the importance of the skeleton while practicing standing postures. Students are introduced to the ancient sage Patanjali, who described yoga as consisting of eight limbs or branches. Patanjali’s teachings cover all aspects of life, beginning with a prescribed code of conduct and ending with an individual’s vision of his or her true Self. In this introductory class, we will study the first limb of yoga: the Yamas, or ethical guidelines.

• During Week 2, students are introduced to Sun Salutations, and we integrate an awareness of the workings of the musculature as we practice some of the basic backbending poses. Students also learn about the second and third limbs of yoga: the Niyamas, or self-awareness and -control; and asana, the physical portion of the practice.

• In Week 3, you will learn about the importance of respiration in yoga, and we will show you ways to control your breath – the fourth limb of yoga – for purposes of energizing, relaxing, healing and more. For this week’s postures, we will focus on forward bends.

• Once the body and the breath are still, the yogi can then begin to quiet the chattering of the mind. In Week 4, we will introduce you to the fifth and sixth limbs of yoga: the yogic withdrawal of the senses and concentration. We will discuss the functioning of the nervous system, as well as the chakras, or energetic centers of the body. The physical portion of this week’s practice will be centered on postures that twist the spine.

• Week 5 ties together all the principles of yoga. Once the mind is still, the yogi may move into meditation (the seventh limb of yoga) which leads to liberation or bliss (the eighth and final limb of yoga). This class will concentrate on yoga flow and deep relaxation. Finally, we will also introduce students to the styles and teachers at Charm City Yoga. As this is an extra-long class, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

The Beginner Series at Charm City Yoga will teach you how to move safely into and out of the poses, as well as how to modify the poses for your body. You will gain a basic understanding of the language of the practice and – most importantly – you will learn to control your actions and to steady your body, your breath and your mind.

Cost is only $65 for the series; these classes fill-up fast, so enroll now.

I am new to Baltimore, and Charm City Yoga has been an amazing part of my transition to city living. I am also new to yoga and since I have begun I have felt healthier and happier. I am so happy to be a part of Charm City and love your advice about setting goals: as of now I only have one – TO DO A HEADSTAND! -Sydney F