Beginner Classes

At Charm City Yoga, we make a special effort to welcome new students to Yoga. We have many classes designed for beginners. These are marked with a single diamond on the paper schedule or star on the online schedule. Our yoga beginner classes provide a slower paced program with more description and commentary accompanying each asana or posture. Breath awareness is also introduced as well as relaxation at the end of class.

Had an amazing first experience! Thank you -Giovanna B

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We recommend that beginners buy the $30 unlimited month so you can try different teachers and styles in a very affordable way. This intro month also includes the services of our Yoga Advisor, Brittni, who can help you decide which classes to try first. Or, start out with the 5-Class beginner series. To read more about the Beginner Series – Please click here…

I think your approach to the beginners class is a real service to people who want to begin a yoga practice. Congrats to your yoga studio. -Michele H

We have many beginner classes that are designed for new students. There is no need to pre-book or register first. Just set your intention and come along about 15 minutes before the class is due to start. Bring a mat if you have one, or rent one at the studio for $2. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to stretch in and move.

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I am new to Baltimore, and Charm City Yoga has been an amazing part of my transition to city living. I am also new to yoga and since I have begun I have felt healthier and happier. I am so happy to be a part of Charm City and love your advice about setting goals: as of now I only have one – TO DO A HEADSTAND! -Sydney F